[BL游戏][PC] Bonfire 0.48.X 分流




○An early implementation of the animation states and interfacing for basic one-handed sword combat. Aintzira’s sword can be found at the frozen lake, which will let you enable combat stance by pressing Z or clicking on a small icon that appears on top of the action bar, then slash by pressing the right click button; right now it’s best to stand still while doing this, as I’m still figuring out ways to let the player move while engaging. No targets available for now. I’m going to be focusing on this one and Aintzira in general for a while.
○Geniefication now has its own cutscene, if you either completely turn or are turned (via float charming) by another character or online player.
○Eve’s curse icon now shows a dynamic evolution of your character and the effects on their original shape memories.
○Completely refactored very old and problematic body fluids code, which kept flooding debug logs.
○Someone really wanted some boxers for their dudes.
○Critical “consent” Lua loopholes covered for online-mode Lua scripts.
○Several server issues had to be patched between last version and this one, and we still seem to be having a couple more regarding VPN users. regardless, server timeout limit has been increased, so hopefully players will drop out a bit less often.

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