[BL游戏][PC]年轻的马库斯扩展版 Young Marcus – Expanded v0.9 分流 [真人插图]



Map and phone should now work properly in the mobile version! (I hope)

Bestiality update (available only if you have the Bestiality option turned on; no real bestiality, only animations/art):
-Ralf (dog)
— new option to present all possible sex options (hand, oral, anal) after 30 relation points and at least one breeding session done “the old way”
— take Ralf for a walk (+ new sex scene) with 50 relation points
— play with Ralf and Zeus (another dog) with 70 relation points
— talk with Brian: a new scene with him and Ralf
— update to Farm beast ending: 100 relation points with Ralf required in addition to being busted by Brian few times
-Thunderstorm (horse)
— new scenes for hand, oral, anal
— new breeding scene with a lot of cum
— ride scene expanded (beast and non-beast options)
— new scene with two horses
-Iron Bull (bull, duh…)
— new scenes for hand, oral, anal
— new videos
– drink with Brian after 10 PM
Point Erectus:
– New location: Forbidden Forrest
– Careful, finding a way out can be problematic. After each scene, there is a 20% chance of finding a way out.
– During the day you may find some horny beasts like a wolf (20% chance of occurrence), bear (20% chance of occurrence), random beasts (20% chance of occurrence), or someone who could help you find a way out (10% chance of occurrence).
– During the night monster come out for the food, fight, or… the other thing (75% chance of occurrence).
– With each creature, there is an additional 20% chance of running away with no scene.

Farm update:
— Brian has now relations points, he is still a horny cowboy so will fuck you (all old scenes) despise the amount you have
— Relations points (>80) are needed for a new scene: talk with Brian after 10 PM for some night outdoor sex (needed for Farmboy ending)
— Ride option in stables available without the best scene, just you and Brian fucking while riding on a horse
— Pup play:
— Talk with Brian (player corruption > 60 and relation with him > 60) and agree to play along. Beware! If you cum without permission you will be punished (random).
— oral and anal sessions
— session with fuck machine
— two BDSM sessions (require BDSM option to be turned on): casual and hardcore
— bestiality session with Ralf (require the best option on)
– spend some time with him by talking, relaxing, or helping him around the farm
– have a chat with him after getting 60 relation points to learn his history and unlock sex scenes
– revisit relax and work scenes for additional sex interactions
– new scene (after pup play, is unlocked with Brian) with two daddies and you as a pup
Non-beast farm ending:
– reach 100 relation points with grandpa and Brian
– spend the night with Brian (not the werewolf one)
– unlock sex options with grandpa
Additional actions
– you can now sleep at the farm at grandpa’s house
– there is a 20% chance that someone will wake you up with surprise sex (required unlocked grandpa for his scene, brian can happen with no requirements)
– you can eat something at grandpa’s house to restore some of the energy

Point Erectus:
– After meeting Bill for the first time (Ask Adam to show you the forest-> Visit glade) find him at the station
– two scenes with size play kink (body size difference, basically small twink being fucked by a giant hunk) – randomly selected

– loan increased from 3000 to 20000

High Tai
-Your stash
Initial cost increased to 3000
– Full renovation requires: Stash neatness at least 40, overall renovation done, walls painted, electricity and plumbing fixed. You need to complete the overall renovation before painting or fixing stuff inside.
– Clean-up energy costs decreased. Nude cleaning with corruption > 40 (repeatable later)
– You can hire someone to help you clean (double Stash neatness points). Three scenes: 1 top and 2 bottoms (also repeatable later)
– Renovation cost will vary if you know Micky (+ additional scene with him). Once the crew is hired it will take them a week to finish up, check on them often for some scenes with construction workers.
– Painting walls, fixing electricity, and plumbing (each with a separate scene) necessary to complete the renovation
Whore yourself out:
– with your stash renovated you can post yourself as a prostitute and bring your clients to your stash to earn money
– stash cannot be too dirty (new cheat if you are lazy) and so do you (just take a bath)
– you clients want different things from you: bj, anal, hard anal, first-time sex, you as top, DP, BDSM, fisting (last two require BDSM preference turned on)
– each scene has multiple different gifs and random sub-scenes to keep it more entertaining for repeating
– after whoring yourself out 10 times Marcus will get the idea of renovating other rooms and hiring some guys to work for him
– renovate rooms and hire guys to work for you
– you can renovate only one room at a time and it will cost you, plus it will take 5 days to renovate
– hiring employees will require a “test” of their skills
– check on their progress for some additional scenes
– once 5 rooms are renovated and filled you can trigger a Brothel ending
Apartment №23 – Ron
– Ron is a nice guy, who greeted you at High Tai
– Help Ron relax via massage sessions (3 different scenes)
Apartment №38 – Jay
– Jay is a gambler, he loves playing poker.
– Play with him and loose – he will have your ass.
– Play with him and win (25% chance) – watch as he jerks off for your amusement
– Check his stash after 21:00 and if you are corrupted enough (>60) you will play with him and his friends (and by play I mean suck them)
Apartment №30 – Viktor
– local drug cartel leader
– visit this “friendly” criminal for some rough scenes (4 random scenes)
– after good kidnapping ending Viktor will want to have a word with you (triggered when you return to your stash)

– Once you buy a stash at High Tai but before you renovate it, take a look around. CREATE A SAVE HERE
– The whole kidnapping will have two endings depending on who you will give it to Thomas (you need to know him prior to that. Reminder note: to meet Thomas you need to be caught by the police, try stealing something in the market, or whore yourself in the park) or Officer Gorski (new character).
– Kidnapping requires a Rape preference turned on since it contains rough scenes and depictive language
– Once kidnapped you will slowly lose Sanity till the final breaking point
– You can beg your captors to stop during your lessons, the fact that they will listen to it is a totally different thing (and they may not like that you talk without permission)
– Bad ending if no one is looking for you!!!
– Good ending will change how Thomas reacts to you and will unlock some additional scenes with him
— Change in Thomas behavior will be triggered automatically if kidnapping is skipped by the Rape option being turned off when you are returning the bag to the police
– After the good kidnapping ending Thomas will be more friendly
– Being caught by the police will from now on have an additional option (and one/two sex scenes) with Thomas instead of going to jail (which is still an option if you want)
– Invite Thomas over to your stash (once renovated) for some additional scenes
– Thomas is often on a patrol around the park. You may (randomly) find him during your jogging (only clothed one).

Drunk update:
– Getting yourself drunk (intoxication > 90) at Gay Bar or the Beach will cause a scene when you get to the world map
– Scene will be triggered both during the day and night
– There is a chance to have an additional “not from this world” scene at night
– Repeat alien abduction 4 times to get a new ending (counter added in Stats, you need at least 5 for the ending)

New job:
– Dildo tester, you need high corruption (>80) and well-trained ass (>40 anal). You will be put on display and random people will test various dildos on you. (reminder: jobs are available from your laptop)

School library:
– removed girl from library and toilet, you can now wank safely without a threat of any vagina pics

– check your bedroom between 18 and 20 (bro corruption > 70), Eric, a friend of your brother may (randomly) come knocking (and he want to knock on something more than just a door), your bro is not that far behind him
– sleeping in your bedroom (bro corruption > 60) has a 30% chance of night attack, where your bro force himself on you (3 scenes)
– to trigger the ending raises up corruption and relationship to a 100, send him a selfie and have a sex scene with him in his bedroom after 10 PM
– once the above is done, call him (via phone) to the park to confess your love

– Sauna added
– 5 different scenes (random): jerk off, jock, group, Damien (with more than 60 relations with him), and twink (with Marcus as top)

Phone contacts:
– list redone slightly
– notes added to all characters to indicate who you are still missing

Additional endings:
– Prison Bitch: after going to jail 10 times you will have a new option to rob a bank (you need a gun)
– Be my player two: after reaching 100 relation points with Hunter

New cheats:
– modify relationship points with grandpa
– modify relationship points with Brian
– clean stash

Plus various fixes

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